To develop such a system that is capable of bringing Ecological, Social and Economic sustainability so that future generation gets safe, high nutritional food in sufficient quantity, all livestock get conditions of life that allow them to perform all aspects of their innate behaviour, genetic diversity of the agricultural system & its surroundings is maintained.

To strengthen and promote diversification in agriculture and allied fields like horticulture, sericulture, animal husbandry, dairy etc. through appropriate technology and create adequate infrastructure to improve productivity.

(1) To establish school of organic farming and rural development.
(2) To find alternatives to present chemical, non-viable and environmentally destructive modes of conventional agriculture, as well as to bring about environmental, socio-economic and cultural stability and sustainability through agriculture.
(3) To integrate agricultural and environmental policies.
(4) To generate awareness about Health security by organizing health security awareness camps.
(5) To provide scientific explanation on various superstitions (अंधविश्वास) , magic and tricks