To develop such a system that is capable of bringing Ecological, Social and Economic sustainability so that future generation gets safe, high nutritional food in sufficient quantity, all livestock get conditions of life that allow them to perform all aspects of their innate behavior, genetic diversity of the agricultural system & its surroundings is maintained.


To strengthen and promote agriculture diversification, provide alternatives to present chemical, non-viable and environmentally destructive modes of conventional agriculture, establish school of organic farming and rural development, develop a network of organic producers/users, undertake research and conduct studies to improve the socio-economic conditions of the farming community or to supplement the efforts of any organization including Govt., if the purpose is found in line to the aims and objective of the society.

Objectives/activities --

(1) To organize awareness camps on the adverse impact of excessive use of artificial chemicals on soil, plant and animal health.
(2) Awareness camps on organic farming a need for social, economic and ecological sustainability.
(3) To demonstrate technology of organic input preparation.
(4) Organize training programmes on various aspects involved in organic production.
(5) Provide market linkages in input supply like bio-pesticides, manure, organic seed, bio-control agent and in marketing organic produce etc.
(6) To develop commodity groups and develop those as saving based credit groups, associations, federations etc.
(7) Organize awareness camps on basic issues of health, nutrition, social justice.
(8) Organize awareness camps on hygienic milk production in terms of bacterial count.
(9) Organize trainings on various aspects of silk production.
(10) Develop various bankable modules of different income generating activities.
(11) Arrange studies like socio-economic impact assessment, base line surveys, incase need be work for monitoring & evaluation of any programme.
(12) Establish a training school or centre on organic and rural development.
(13) Arrange package of practice for growing various crops organically.
(14) Develop video films and farmer friendly literature on various activities involved in agricultural diversification.
(15) To work as a Service Provider under PGS-India programme of Govt. of India. The main functions are
(i) Motivating farmers group/clusters.
(ii) To act as team leader (IQS manager) of Internal Control System and liason with certification agencies by coordinating internal inspection and external
inspection for certification.
(iii) To maintain record of organic farm by coordinating field staff, growers etc.
(iv) To act as a technology messenger and to advise farmers on package of practices, technology package, imparting training on preparation of on –
farm organic inputs and educating farmers on do and don’t in organic farming without having any conflict of interest that might hinder the work.
(v) Ensure certification through accredited Certification Agency
(15) To organize trainings to B.Sc./ M.Sc. (Agri/Horti.) students on various aspects involved in organic production as per International/National standards.
(16) Under Rural Agricultural Work Experience (RAWE) Programme of UGC, provide village attachment trainings to various B.Sc. (Agri) students.
(17) Work for conservation of Bio-diversity and preparation of People’s Biodiversity Registers (PBRs) as desired under Biodiversity Act 2004.
(18) To provide training to MBA students of IIM, Kashipur on rural entrepreneur development under Experiential Learning Programme of IIM
(19) Implement projects on “Income enhancement of villagers” through technology dissemination
(20) To undertake research/conduct studies on the issues that may be found important for promotion of organic farming or any area that may help to improve the socio- economic conditions of the farming community or to supplement the efforts of any organization including Govt., if the purpose is found in line to the aims and objectives of the society.