Foundation for Organic & Rural Development (FORD) is a Dehradun based not for profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860. Besides, working for rural development and to promote organic farming it is also arranging training to under graduate and post graduate students of agriculture/horticulture stream relating to Rural Agriculture Work Experience (RAWE) and industrial trainings in the partial fulfilment of their dissertation and research work. For this purpose FORD has adopted villages in the outer vicinity of Dehradun and Subject Matter Specialists/Experts and have tie ups with related Govt. departments and NGOs for field training.

Content of the training programme as follows:

ComponentCourse contentEligibilityFees(in Rs.)
Apiculture(Bee keeping)· What is bee keeping?· Bee keeping practices
· Basics of bee keeping

· The queen, the workers and the drone

· Life cycle of honey bee

· Harvest and honey extraction and marketing
10+2/Under Graduate/Post Graduate4000.00
Sericulture· What is silk and types of silks?· How silk is produced?
· Requirements for silk production

· Benefit of silk production
10+2/Under Graduate/Post Graduate4000.00
Mushroom cultivation training· What is mushroom, structure, taxonomy and types?· Requirements for mushroom cultivation
· Steps of cultivation (Spawn, compost, cropping, processing, value addition, marketing etc.
10+2/Under Graduate/Post Graduate4000.00
Non Organization (NGO)· What is NGO and its formation?· Objectives of NGO
· Role of NGO in rural development

· NGO and community development
Under Graduate/Post Graduate4000.00
Socio economic survey at village level· Essential of preliminary survey· Need assessment
· Development of questionnaire

· Use of survey technique/tool

· Field visit

· Utilization of soft skills

· Data collection and analysis

· Report writing with citation and references
Under Graduate/ Post Graduate4000.00
Organic (Compost) farming· What is organic farming?· Demerits of current chemical rich farming
· IFOAM standards for organic production

· National Standard for Organic Production (NPOP)

· Conversion, certification, labelling and transport of organic produce

· Brief about organic inputs
10+2/Graduate/Post Graduate4000.00